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Environment Friendly Process

At Bindal, we constantly endeavor to safeguard the environment. We have a clear vision to protect the environment and to ensure that each of our business unit puts an effort to maintain ecological balance.

Bindal Group makes an effort to minimize the emission of gases and chemicals from the steelmaking processes. The Group continues to invest in technology development for reducing the amount and density of air pollutants. We avow energy optimization for effective utilization of energy, along with environment conservation.

Recycling of Steel

Bindal Group adopts the secondary steel melting route based on scrap, as scrap based melting roughly utilises 60% less energy to produce steel, than it does from iron ore. This in turn also ensures the reduction of releases to the environment, including gases leading to climate change. Scrap steel reduces related water pollution, air pollution and mining wastes by about 70%. It also helps in reduction of consumer wastes.

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